Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sit back, relax

Yesterday evening I went to this fancy-looking bar downtown called Take Five. They had a random Wednesday, with young musicians jamming. I found it extremely chill. I felt that I can just be. The drummer was amazing, they were all doing a head-spinning change of rhythm and style till it got from jazzy to electro. That was a nice learning experience, being able to sit and let it all flow in front of my eyes.
And damn, I woke up so refreshed and now I'm a little like a jelly after a long day in the university. The girls took me to lunch in this place called Oregano, which to me looks like Roosevelt (or whatever it's called) and the food is relatively less tasty. But I'm in for the new. As long as I'm not broke.
I've been going through Alanis' 'Jagged Little Pill' again and I find it ageless. I think I'm growing soft over music, but I've been quite nostalgic over some stuff I have on my CDs. I now expect the feds to come in and arrest me after the Head's speech today about what means to steal stuff from people. I can get it that plagiarism is an issue in an academic setting, but when the Russians will stop providing us movies via different net pipes, can you imagine how sad conversations will be? I guess I'd just adapt and continue loving documentaries even more (not tech stuff though, they have to be fierce to impress me). But for now, long live streaming and somebody tell the Megavideo people it's really uncool to wait an hour just to watch half an episode. Word.

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