Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back then

There was a wild time when we used to party hard all over the city although we were all sad screwed up teenagers. We don't need to ask for beer money from our mums anymore, but we don't have time to get together. If we do, we leave early, and when we stay up late, we watch movies. We used to write poems and read them over coffee in dirty bars at seven o'clock in the morning. We used to sing so that they wouldn't close the pubs before morning. We used to stumble towards the benches over the riverbanks and we used to sit in front of the cathedral for hours. I used to be madly in love, so much it hurt. So much, I would wake up in the morning and cry just at the thought it could be over. I've ended a lot in the mean while and it doesn't feel the same anymore. We used to be good kids with bad habits. We would make friends so easily, there was no addiction to cells and messenger and we still found a way to get together. I don't skip school anymore. I don't spend hours in a cafe and I don't go to wild heavy metal parties anymore. If I get in a rock bar and I start dancing, I feel like a little freak. I look at guys in leather and I think they are such cliches. I cannot imagine hanging around on the sidewalk and doing nothing for hours. It's all gone and we're still drama queens obsessing over how people don't like us for what we are. But we've learned to hide it better. We've been working hard to fit in. That's how you get lost along the way.