Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gotta love rainy days

God bless the Budapest metro! I'm blessed with the priviledge to sweeten my eyes with pretty guys every morning as I go to the university. But today I had such a ride, it almost gave me a heart attack. The king, his knights and the joker. As soon as I sat down, this royal looking-like tall beauty came strolling along the wagon in a long peacoat and boots. I skipped a breath and didn't have time to rebound. One by one, three knights came in and stopped somewhere around my bench. The young noble kind was just to my left, with his amazing baby skin and blond hair. Then, of course, the lady's favorite, wearing leather gloves and a pair of big black eyes. And the lone-rider, in his leather coat, reading a book while standing, just close enough for me to see a shade of rough beard through his curly locks. I was so intoxicated, I didn't notice the guy in front was looking straight at me. Your regular urban hipster, but just gorgeous enough to make me wonder why it doesn't rain every day. I almost forgot to get off (the metro!) and then, while wondering up the stairs if all the hot guys in Budapest hide in the underground, I almost hit this rasta-looking hunk. I'm still wondering of I was dreaming. Either way, I'm just like a diabetic in a candy shop. Oh, my!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Italians do it better

We had to give in our evaluation forms for the Microeconomics teacher. I just hope they get the point. That is... if you know people in the class have no basis to work with, as in no elementary logic, maths and graph-reading skills, send in a high school teacher. A good university teacher is just wasted on a bunch that will never understand what he's talking about and will continuously interrupt the class. The title is a quote he dropped accidentally. If you can imagine Botticelli meets The Simpsons there you have it. The course was entertaining, the teacher knew what he was teaching, just not what he was doing. It takes a lot of nerve to control such a class. I can see how not everybody has been in the academia the past year, but it's not mandatory to go to master's if you can't handle it and I think that consultation hours are there if you did not get stuff that have already been explained. I just assume. There are many things I didn't get throughout my academic experience. I'm not that shy to ask, but I'd rather use Google before asking stupid questions. No offense.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A time to party and a time to compute standard errors

It's all too fun when you realize some formulas you mastered three years ago somehow go around you and suddenly you're buried in papers. And then the text you were going to read is really great, but you're dead tired and it drives you crazy not to make the best of it. In the end the five minutes of whole sun and smell of leaves is worthevery minute. Little things are the real landmarks in our life here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend? What's that?

I'm starting to slip on the je m'en fiche side of life. That's because I'm exhausted. Psychotic, even. I haven't gone through half of the readings I planned for these days. I've seen a patch of grass for five minutes. It's very busy and I really like it in some moments. I know it'll get better in time. The schedule is full now and by the time we start writing term papers it'll get ok. I'd rather spend time in the library than get bored in a cafe. And I'm working to get everything done by December, so that I can take a month of holiday, see some piece of mountain, dive in the snow and cook for Christmas. But everybody's telling me I tend to think too far. Right now... I'll just be wasting time for at least half an hour and hope to get through some microeconomics chapters before I go to sleep.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Making sense

There is just as much making sense of things. When everything makes sense and is in its right place and you are constantly making sense of other things, there is a line up to which you have to stop and hide under the sink to deal with things that don't make sense, but are there. They may be tiny bits. But crazy starts when you just put everything aside and go with the flow. But then you put aside all that made sense. And you waste all that work and lose all that comfort.
Doesn't make sense. I know. I'm in a busy week. I've had all these classes and readings. I like it here and wanted to write about stuff but ended up busy making sense of things. Now I'll just stop for a minute. And look at it. I love cities with metros. It's a silly thing, but I enjoy trains and the distance from the university doesn't annoy me. The room is quite large and I'm quite a spartan about keeping it tidy. That sort of gives me a feeling that I can control at least a tiny bit of my life. So far I enjoy courses. And I find my readings enriching. I might become a geek. But that's all nice as long as I'm having fun being one.
That's just general stuff. Just makes me more confident to remember I actually can't complain for anything else than not being with the ones I love. But in a way I am. They are with me anywhere I go.