Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend? What's that?

I'm starting to slip on the je m'en fiche side of life. That's because I'm exhausted. Psychotic, even. I haven't gone through half of the readings I planned for these days. I've seen a patch of grass for five minutes. It's very busy and I really like it in some moments. I know it'll get better in time. The schedule is full now and by the time we start writing term papers it'll get ok. I'd rather spend time in the library than get bored in a cafe. And I'm working to get everything done by December, so that I can take a month of holiday, see some piece of mountain, dive in the snow and cook for Christmas. But everybody's telling me I tend to think too far. Right now... I'll just be wasting time for at least half an hour and hope to get through some microeconomics chapters before I go to sleep.

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