Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear April,

You may take all your grey days in this grey city and shove it up... whatever. I can hardly wait for green, never ending green and grass that waves under the wind. I want blue to meet this green and I want to feel the sun almost burn my skin  and hear the millions of bugs around me as I sit in a hammock with a good book. So screw you, April, with your thunderstorms and religious holidays and your false hopes for rebirth, when all you gave me was a slight depression. I'm heading towards shorts and straw hats, lemonades in the shade and ice cream whenever the hell I want to, towards the end of this damn semester and no more gloomy afternoons. I'm writing to say goodbye, April, as you were bound to hit the road anyway. But see you next year, and please bring flowers and hypnotically fresh air next time, instead of Thursdays I can hardly get out of bed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rewind. Play

It's Easter morning and the cat is purring next to me in bed. Some seconds ago she yawned and meowed at the same time and it was so adorable I almost grew some sympathy for those crazy mothers who post tons of pictures of their babies on the internet. Caring for and nurturing another creature makes us better people and I hear it also helps fighting depression.
I haven't written here in quite a while, although I promised myself I would every week. Eventually, I got a push when I saw my friend's post on Mischievous Sweethearts, our blog that's been asleep for an year or so. Some things have changed since then, many have remained gloriously the same. I got in for PhD and last semester I taught the seminars to Introduction to Sociology, while this semester I'm doing Statistics and Social Policy. It's pretty much easier than I imagined and I really like teaching, although I always had my doubts about that. I haven't really been to my classes, as they overlap with the teaching, but there's time to catch up.
My baby boy and I, hopefully joined by many friends, are going to quite a bunch of concerts this summer. That list I had in my head when I was in high school of the bands I desperately wanted to see will almost be completely crossed over! Cool thing is the Transilvania Tattoo Expo falls right in between the festivals we already got tickets to, so June is going to be a blast for me. I love it we get to have so much fun together and I can almost touch the awesome summer coming our way.
Oh, what else? I've been cooking this and that, but not nearly as much as I wish to. However, I'm training to become a muffin master. Cupcakes will be the next natural step and in-between, I might try sponge cakes as well, my grandma's specialty. I always thought baking was hard and not fun at all, since I've always been more of a souffle and casserole kind of home chef. But we get along just fine, cake batters and me. I know I've said I'll be posting recipes tens of times, but maybe one day I can curve my excitement while cooking and take some pics and notes.
I have a new photo blog as well, I only started a month ago. The idea was to post a photo every day of something that made my day better. I've already slacked off a couple of times, but I keep posting and that's a good sign. So I'll make a couple of banners here with links to Mischievous and my Tumblr blog. Other than that... There's plenty of time to write, I guess, I just find excuses to spend my time watching TV shows and reading A Song of Ice and Fire as if it were "crack on paper".