Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gotta love rainy days

God bless the Budapest metro! I'm blessed with the priviledge to sweeten my eyes with pretty guys every morning as I go to the university. But today I had such a ride, it almost gave me a heart attack. The king, his knights and the joker. As soon as I sat down, this royal looking-like tall beauty came strolling along the wagon in a long peacoat and boots. I skipped a breath and didn't have time to rebound. One by one, three knights came in and stopped somewhere around my bench. The young noble kind was just to my left, with his amazing baby skin and blond hair. Then, of course, the lady's favorite, wearing leather gloves and a pair of big black eyes. And the lone-rider, in his leather coat, reading a book while standing, just close enough for me to see a shade of rough beard through his curly locks. I was so intoxicated, I didn't notice the guy in front was looking straight at me. Your regular urban hipster, but just gorgeous enough to make me wonder why it doesn't rain every day. I almost forgot to get off (the metro!) and then, while wondering up the stairs if all the hot guys in Budapest hide in the underground, I almost hit this rasta-looking hunk. I'm still wondering of I was dreaming. Either way, I'm just like a diabetic in a candy shop. Oh, my!

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