Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Garden of Eartly Delights

It's where I stand alone. With no fear of judgment, with no fear of being wrong. Where I can be undressed and forgo all manners. It just happened that I wasn't alone all the time. But that was a long time ago. And I've learned so much ever since. I've become acquainted with the patterns of my mistakes, the small bugs that make me go wild. So here's learning to be be a good girl. I'm keeping all the wild for myself. I'm keeping it all to myself. I sometimes open some doors. Sometimes, when special people come along. Just when I was about to say the "having you as my friends makes me want to be a better person, I'm grateful you're in my life" speech, it makes sense that I drew back behind those walls. People don't build walls because they want the worthy ones to climb them. We build walls because we want to be left alone.

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