Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Italians do it better

We had to give in our evaluation forms for the Microeconomics teacher. I just hope they get the point. That is... if you know people in the class have no basis to work with, as in no elementary logic, maths and graph-reading skills, send in a high school teacher. A good university teacher is just wasted on a bunch that will never understand what he's talking about and will continuously interrupt the class. The title is a quote he dropped accidentally. If you can imagine Botticelli meets The Simpsons there you have it. The course was entertaining, the teacher knew what he was teaching, just not what he was doing. It takes a lot of nerve to control such a class. I can see how not everybody has been in the academia the past year, but it's not mandatory to go to master's if you can't handle it and I think that consultation hours are there if you did not get stuff that have already been explained. I just assume. There are many things I didn't get throughout my academic experience. I'm not that shy to ask, but I'd rather use Google before asking stupid questions. No offense.

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