Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brain dead

I spent almost 12 hours in the university today, went to one class, one meeting, read half of a text and stared at a blank word page for half an hour. The rest of the time, I was waiting, forgetting appointments, eating way too much, listening to pranks on the radio and talking to people. 12 hours. And almost no work. I am exhausted and need to get myself back together. I wish I read as many books (fiction, not the other stuff I read each day) as movies I see, and I've been watching quite a lot lately. I wish I'd spend as much time working out as I spend planning for, cooking and having meals. I wish I'd work as much as I sleep. I wish I'd go out as much as I surf the net. I have this nice image of how I'd like to do things. But then again, I think I'm that kind of friend to myself that lets me indulge.
I watched 'Brokeback Mountain' last night. I'm not gonna try to review this one too. Just a thought. It was so deeply touching. And the story flowed naturally. It is a wonderful love story, with the 'Tristan and Isolda' elements specific to Western love mythologies a French essayist whose name I'm trying to remember for days was mentioning in his book. Crazed my heart that's longing for the outdoors. I've been dreaming a lot today. I've been seeing someone in people I meet on the street. It must be that I'm tired.

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