Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like a virgin

I can't wait for morning to come since I got that great home made white cheese. I also have home made butter and jam and I just bought some radish and green onions. Life is good when the food is tasty and the last days it's been in and out, I've been daydreaming and forgetting to eat. I keep planning a tidy life and I sometimes slip, but I think few people have this maniac obsession with having everything in its right place at the right time. I have boxes and boxes and every pencil has its spot. Organizing makes me feel in control. And keeps me busy.
I'm going to some jam session tonight and I'm planning to hit the El Greco exhibition Friday afternoon. Thing is I feel like I don't live in Budapest. And I'm gonna miss it. So for Friday I'm thinking Global Economic Crisis seminar, it's compulsory anyway, and then lunch in the park and Museum of Fine Arts. Later on, a decaf with chocolate and whipped cream at Gloria Jean's and I can be happy for a while. I'm thinking about starting a little photo project by myself, with my crappy compact camera, just to get me out of the house. If I don't put in practice my crazy plans of jumping on the bus to Bratislava on Saturday, and if the weather allows, I'll be taking photos of the Budapest railway stations. I do need to work my ass off this weekend. Maybe next weekend looks better for Bratislava and I'll have time to convince people to tag along. Yeeeey! I love making plans. I think I'll start easy this week. But start somewhere. There is plenty of time and I've got plenty of life. Sounds strange coming from the whiny little person I used to know I was.

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