Friday, July 20, 2007

More than that

When I stop to listen and have a real conversation I find myself easier than when I go on the street alone shouting on the inside and trying to figure things out. There is more to life than the things that make me sad and worried. As the 'Sunscreen' song says, worry is like trying to solve an algebra ecuation by chewing bubblegum. Because the real problems we will have in life never even crossed our minds. But let's just leave that all behind. What is more to life than waiting next to the telephone, or being depressed because of a bad hair day? Things just as simple as that... dreaming about owning my own house and developing the plan to achieve that... and right then the right persons will offer their support. Then dreaming again about my outraging coffeeshop and deciding to learn how to administer one. Moreover, keeping the faith... that friends will be there when you have happy moments to share and opportunity will cross my way when I want to take my education further on. Rather than wait, I prefer to hope and rather than worry, to believe...

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