Monday, July 2, 2007

Closing time

The hard thing is not to say goodbye. The hard thing is to convince yourself that goodbyes are just 'see you later', when all you feel like doing is to cry. And the hardest thing is to go on when everything inside you has turned into a heavy rock that is growing and growing and the pressure is impossible to take and you wish a tear would break through your skin or a scream through your throat, but you just lie there helpless staring and wondering if it's best to remember the good times or contemplate the ones ahead. I personally prefer to let it all out. The past is now there to make me smile when I feel lonely and to give me strength when I can't believe in myself. The future is there to make me dream when I get bored and to give me hope when I can't make one more step ahead. But this moment is here for me to cry because I'm sad, to write because I have wireless and to hold my head up high because now I'm the only person left to to take care of me.

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