Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, I’m in the Zurich airport. Now I’m thinking about the luggage, I don’t know if they manage to put it on the plane in time, since I was late anyway. I hope so. I will wait half an hour and get on the plane to Budapest. The trip was not so bad. Actually, I slept very good last night, even if it was few time. And now I’m not very tired. I was very bad after running in the airport of Porto, I could hardly breathe because of the panic (I was breathing like Darth Vader in Star Wars). The weather is great in Switzerland, and the mountains look wonderful. There was good visibility on all trips and I had seats at the window on the flight from Geneve (and now I will have the same again, hehe). There were little children sitting in front of me on the plane who were very funny and we got yummy Swiss chocolate. I like this airport, you should see the smoking place, it’s like a very fancy bar. It’s easy to get around, the crew helps you and also there are a lot of signs (my grandparents worried I'd get lost). The Oporto airport is nice too (it was elected one of the best in Europe and has free wireless and LAN internet), but it can get confusing sometimes (like Portuguese roads). I dream a lot, this way I don’t get sad.

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