Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm out

"I'm having a terrible day. It's snowing in March, I have a hell of a cold and I hate my hair. And I've been thinking a lot lately (despite my fever) about things I've written about before. Such as the things I believe in and whether and how I stand for them"... is what I was writing this Wednesday. And then I just stopped because I was going to get all preachy and write things I might delete later. Maybe some other time, when I don't begin my post whining.
In another line of thought, I feel like I've been all out partying lately. I went beering with the boss on Monday, a colleague and then the babe on Thursday, to a concert on Friday and then another one on Saturday. I know it's a walk in the park for people around me, but for me it's a lot. I'm a stay at home read a book kind of girl. Speaking of which, I just had to buy Rushdie's Midnight Children. I savor it one page at the time and can't wait to share the joy. The concerts were nice. The black metal gig was part sad part funny, but that's just me. Anyhow, I had a good time, I felt more at home than in those stuck up joints we always go to. The one on Saturday, those boys were bluesing right down my alley. I don't know if it's a verb or a thing, but I liked it. I also went dancing and I have to thank a very dear friend for sticking with me the whole night and telling me enchanting stories about Star Wars. That same Saturday we were at the rugby match. We lost. My favorite player was not even in the field and we got stupidly outplayed by two essays in like 5 minutes. However, I can't wait for the next one. Yesterday I cut work to go to the movies. I watched Oz the Great and Powerful alongside 100 children. It was amazing! The audience can really make a movie more watchable. I would have bitched, but their amazement made the film a wonderful experience for me.
So this week I'm leaving for Serbia. When I'm back I have a lot of shit to do, like an appointment at the tattoo parlor, signing some contracts, attending some conferences and even more plays and concerts! Not to mention I have a new swimming buddy and as soon as the rain stops, I'm taking the bike out on the hills. I also have to buy some daffodils. But whatever, I'll be writing from Serbia, I hope, where a whole bunch of us journalists will be networking. But about that last thing, some other time.

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