Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birthday girl!

I'm turning 26 in a couple of days. I'm 26 and the world can't miss a single opportunity to make me feel like a little girl every day. There's chores and readings piling up, there's people I need to deal with, there's aging I start to worry about, and there's a huge black hole where my future plans should be. And still, I eat chocolate for breakfast, I sing to myself on the street, I wear age inappropriate clothing and my bed sheets have bears at a country fair on them.
And because I am a little girl at heart, I demand presents, tons and tons of them, for my birthday! I want a picnic and I want cake and I want people to tell me I'm still so young. I've been thinking about a wishlist. This is my wishlist and everything here is things I want to buy for myself, but cannot afford to yet or cannot find them anymore. So here it is.

1. Unif Hellbounds

These shoes look so wicked and have such great reviews in terms of comfort, I couldn't stop thinking about them for weeks now. The platform is huge, but there is barely any arching, so they're made in order to never be taken off. I wouldn't :D

2. Kindle Wi-Fi

Every time I get near a Kindle I skip a breath. You people know my bookworm addictions and now that I have this huge collection of Kindle books on my laptop, that I read on the smart phone's screen, all I want is a really good e-book reader, one that does not reflect light, gives me the opportunity to store and categorize my library and is slick and beautiful, just like the Kidle.

3. Moschino I Love Love

After working for almost a year in a perfumery (as a L'Oreal beauty adviser), I've tried virtually every fragrance there was on the market at the time. Though I had love for a Versace and maybe a Hugo Boss, I hearted Moschino's Cheap and Chic collection most, out of which I declared I Love Love to be my favorite perfume yet. It's fresh and fruity, but light and adorable. However, I've always seemed to find a reason not to buy it, although it is one of the fragrances in the medium priced category. Soon, very soon :P

4. Movie reviewer's notebook

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and I heart it so much. I seemed quite expensive, so I didn't get it, but my heart seems to have become set on it. It's a notebook I found in Carturesti, in the gift thingies area. It's a hardback spiral bound red and something notebook, with a monopoly man on the cover, and has sections for making lists of films to see, for writing reviews and for making personal tops. I wish I got it then. If I can spare some time, I'll hop on a bus and go looking for it this very week.

5. Graphic novels

Can't explain why I never bought Persepolis, as every time I walk into a library that has it, I want to walk out with it in hand. It's not that I was crazy about the film, although I did enjoy it a lot, but the story in itself and Satrapi's bittersweet humor and insights into what women's personal "hidden" lives are like sold  me instantly.

This one my boyfriend wanted to get me, but I said no, as we needed to save every penny for upcoming concert trips. Still, the more I read about it, the more it puzzles me and, as a blooming fan of writing about social change and recent history through graphic novels, it is definitely going on my list.

6. Baking stuff

My list seems to be populated with things I can get, I should get, but always find an excuse not to. In the case of muffin trays, it's the sizes that throw me off. I own some silicone shapes I use when baking and they come in three sizes, so I never have to worry. The tray, though, it's either super large or super small. I yet have to find the right one or buy them all. I'm also thinking about buying a tart tray, as it's a super fruity season and they are virtually some of the easiest things to bake and ornate, except for sponge cake. Sponge cake is entry level and my mom gave me a tray for that the day I moved out :) And in order to fulfill my baking dreams, I definitely need to get a large bowl to mix batter in. My mom has two of the huge Tupperware collection, so maybe I'll starve for a week and get me one of those. Or just a stainless steel one from Ikea I saw downtown a while ago.

7. Even more Tarot cards!
The Book Depository had a sale on some super lovely Tarot cards with baroque cats. Yes, that's right. It sounds insane, but they are totally adorable! It's kind of expensive right now, so maybe I'll wait a while. It would make the fourth or fifth of my card sets. I already own a silly Great Trumps set with cats in love, but I'd like myself some full-sized feline Tarot, to make my card studying more fun and have the cards purr me stories.

Yep. That's my crazy current wishlist. Most of all, though, I'd like to get fit, stay healthy, get plenty of rest and create the physical conditions to work at full speed and enjoy what I have thoroughly. Lately I've been overworked, overtired, and quite ill, and I feel like people around me don't get to enjoy the real me, but a zombie or jumpy me, constantly complaining and in the mood for nothing. So here's to a good healthy summer and happy times!

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