Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now, really

I'm going mental. I know I write a lot of bullshit. I only want to write when I'm messed up and when I sit down only nonsense comes out. It's deadline season. This week, one policy brief. I'll be writing on WWF. Maybe I'll publish here an executive summary. Should be fun. Next week another one, on subsidized medicine and an essay on the social function of corruption, based on the discussion of informal exchanges in former socialist countries. Sounds fun? Just getting started, the deadline for a take-home exam is getting closer and I'll still have two papers to go. An essay for ethics and a research paper for rural development. Not much, 3000 words each. It's gonna be fine in the end. I always finish papers by deadline and some are quite nice. This year it's crowded, but I'll be writing two of them at home. Yep, eight days from now, I'm home. Or on the way, at least. Booked my ticket already. Yes, I'm a bit nuts. Hope it all starts making sense when I get everything over with. Because then I have to start thinking of internships and thesis topics and applications and following projects and lots lots of stuff. Real life might be much like this.

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