Friday, March 30, 2007


One week of holiday, one week of surfing through blogs. One "rehab" to my virtual space, one coffee by the beach. Good week. I want to make a short list of the blogs I liked, some for their honesty, some for the sense of humor, and most because of good natured criticism. But before, as I decided to do from now on, I must give tribute to the author of the photo I'm using on this post, it's Maxime Boisvert and the title of the photograph is Sun, Dream and Coffee, as posted on the website where I steal artwork from; that is
I discovered a set of blogs on, a blog competition in my home town. One of my favorites is Aron Biro: The Deleted Scenes (you can find the link on the website mentioned above). Music and film reviews (sorry to describe it in such few words), I personally submit to his lines on Taxidermia. On I had a really good time, must see all the Family Guy videos. is my personal champ in the ladies' blog category. I also ran today on 360 on the blog of a medicine student from Bucharest. I loved it. Read it for about one hour and a half. When I find it again, I must mention it. And the rest... explore.

I had a talk tonight about the blog vs. forum "competition". Which I think is kinda fake, especially since I expect that not everybody is either self-centered like me nor an opinion searcher like some of my neighbors. There is a little of this in any of us. In the end, I have a lot of fun on forums, in the rare occasions I get to visit one. One time I was searching for information on the chaos theory and I found a forum where some guys were talking such bullshit that even a five-years-old would laugh. Not to mention the very funny post that used to be on a women's magazine website about a girl worried she's had too much anal sex. And I guess my generation, who was reading the Q&A in Bravo about 6 or 7 years ago, when we didn't have forums to laugh at, knows how amazingly embarrassing the teenage mind can get. But I don't deny the role of forums. Just that I don't use them. In a way it's like what happens to a woman before she gives birth: she hears so many terrifying stories about childbirth that it's better not to know anything. When they speak about their problems, most people exaggerate. And I know somebody who was thinking she has cancer just because she was having the same symptoms as a girl who wrote on some forum. It turned out to be a simple infection. I know it's the one who is naive to believe everything, not the one who posts the story, but at least I've never seen a blog that makes you think you're too fat. Problem solved.

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