Saturday, March 31, 2007


This week I will adopt the poor student strategy. That means buying food from the supermarket, going to museums with free entrance and walking around, practicing the good old cheap sightseeing. Easter is coming, I'm on holiday and I've crossed the line with eating out and passing time in cafes. Then the residence is almost empty, there is no point to think about parties. And life here with a couple of hundred euros is at subsistence level. But let me write more about the cafes, since this is a second home for the Portuguese.
You don't have to go far to find one. They're everywhere, usually with attractive windows - attractive = full of cakes, cookies and their other relatives. Some are more or less traditional, others are modern, and in the center you run into the more fancy ones. In Foz there is one I like very much. It's called Point Cafe, five minutes from where I live. Great interior design, I never thought that such a small bathroom could look amazing in granite. The furniture is simple in shape, black tables and leather benches, contrasting with the white walls with surprising and ingenuous accessories like the illumination or the napkin holders. I love it when they bring me the delicious tea in French press and the cups of thermoisolated glass - I always burn my tongue with those, because you can't feel the temperature of the liquid inside by holding them in your hands. The serving is pronto and the tuna salad is a dream, not to mention the coffee - I tried a pingo, which is coffee with a little milk. Surprisingly, it's just as or even cheaper than the traditional cafes and this Sunday you can watch the game on a wide screen (Benfica - F.C. Porto) with a Carlsberg on the house in your hands. They also serve lunch, but the best thing is it's right across the street from the ocean.
To be continued...

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