Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, next time Portuguese tell me they love football and food, I will believe it. Today I walked an hour to the Feira de Livros and was surprised to see how many cooking books can fit in such an event. Books about football, however, were less but I saw lots of men buying them. What can I say? The most empty stand was that of the religious publishing houses. I didn't find Murakami, but loved the drawing exhibition dedicated to Gutenberg. I couldn't understand why Osho is on the same table with self-help books (you have to know his work before you decide his speeches are one kind of literature or another), why 60 % of the books were for children and why everybody had to bring babies to a bookfest. I know they love their children, I saw them at 12 o'clock in the night on the street when Porto won the national championship, because obviously Portuguese take their children everywhere with them (I guess babysitting is not a popular job here). But what can a baby understand of anything that is going on in there? I would have approved that maybe exposure to books will help them grow smarter, but the things they had there were in a percentage of 90% not BOOKS, but wasted paper. Personally, my star title was "Why men lie and women cry". I didn't even want to see how they try to answer in those 2-3 hundred pages to this magnificent question.

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