Friday, June 1, 2007

Back home

Well, the trip to Galicia was a dream. A good one. We stayed in the flat of four Brazilian girls, very warm and nice. The weather however was not as warm. It rained a little and every day pull-overs were a must. Santiago de Compostela catches your breath. I mean the curches, the narrow streets and the parks are something you will want to see. We also had the opportunity to eat "de graça", which means tasting sweets and liquours in shops without having to buy. So we tried the Capricios de Santiago, some cookies made of almonds, Tarta de Santiago, from the same ingredients, Piedras de Santiago, milk chocolate without sugar,which is not quite dark and liquors of coffee herbs and some other stuff.
Monday we went to Finisterre, a cape that used to be considered the end of the world. Tuesday, A Coruña. We had maps and all, so we tried to be as tourists as possible. The truth is I loved the port and the castle, but the parks and the old city were just a couple of streets with a nice name. Anyway, Torre de Hercules impressed me not because of the building, which was actually a normal lighthouse, but the fields of energy around there. They say there is a Celtic park around, well, we didn't find it, but I could feel why they would put megaliths there.
Wednesday, on the way back to Porto, we stopped in a village close to Viana do Castelo, with a wonderful beach. Viana do Castelo didn't have any castle, but we visited an impressive church on top of a mountain.
Now that I'm back home, I realise in a way my home went on this trip with me and it was on my left most of the time. My heart knows its way home.

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