Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This morning I went to work...

... but because electricity was down, ended up having a cup (or two) of wine on the staircase. I had to attend a meeting at the City Hall around noon, so I had some time to waste. Went for a lemonade at Bulgakov and then looking for a bike. Waited the whole local council meeting to ask the mayor for an interview and he blew me off in five seconds. So I decided to go to the movies, but stopped on the way to see another bike store. That's when my dad called and picked me up to buy some pouffes I've been looking for. We went to lunch and to check on my brother. Then he wanted to show me the furniture he'd just purchased, so I went to the furniture store. And to the nearby supermarket to buy a kitchen clock (which, turns out, was broken). I was thinking all day about some hot dogs, but I wanted to try out my new can opener, so now I'm standing here in my underwear, cause it's freaking hot even in the evening, eating beans and sausages and I was so amused by how twisted the day was, I couldn't help sharing.
Also, I must write about TIFF as soon as possible, it's been a week or two already. Also, about my weekend in Hungary at the baths. About the lousy season finales I've been watching. And what not.

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