Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's tough to be a woman

Wake up at 6 after going to bed after midnight, and then start doing the mainly same things you did yesterday. Cooking, cleaning, brushing, washing, feeding animals and children, watering plants, the basics. Then add a full-time job and/or schooling, plus other extracurricular courses, plus volunteering for different causes, and there you have part of a woman's day. The rest probably includes care-taking, listening to others, having some fun and grooming. How many hours do all these take? Well, more than 18, that's for sure.
The thing is... at the end of the day, we're not even waiting for some thanks. It's enough to hold and make us laugh. But the real world is not like that. In the real world men expect you to wear heels in order to look taller, make-up to be flawless, wax to be silkier, continuously be careful about what you're eating to be thinner, do your hair, nails, dress in a way that is just conservatory and slutty enough, whatever brings you closer to the cover of Cosmopolitan. It's not just women who look up to that. In the mean while, they could be happy with being average-looking, with some pimples and some wrinkles, hairy legs, chest and other annoying body parts, with larger and larger beer bellies, long and dirty nails, their same old T-shirt, basically still themselves.
One thing that makes me grin is that we got to play in their old boys clubs. We drive cars and handle companies, we research and travel and take the big decisions. Merkel was considered to be the most powerful person in the EU according to a late poll. So if we do all this, if we work double and triple shifts, care for others and still look fabulous, it's because it's in our nature. Not to settle for less. It's tough to be a woman, but it sure is fun as hell.

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