Monday, December 25, 2006

Fairies wear boots

After all, journeys begin in our minds. Alain de Botton's idea, according to which the vacations we take are a source of enthusiasm as long as we can leave ourselves behind, at home, is more or less true in the case of those who have at least an idea about who they are or could be. For the rest of us, travelling is a continuous route to initiation and fits naturally in the chaos of our lives. [No more jobs, back to school, and I'm already facing the terrible perspective of change again.]
Walk through the market. It has a different scent each day. Sometimes it's pickles, other times it's cabbage or daisies or chrysanthemum. Love the mess and don't forget about the people. And whenever you think you're better than that, forget it. You're not. Just different. Is there a better place to celebrate diversity? The point is... people walking through the market are all alone, most of them, and there is no sense of belonging, so in a way they're also free of a couple of social constraints, free to argue with strangers, to swear and curse, not worse persons, but part of a short initiatic journey, right?

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