Saturday, August 18, 2007


Being back in Romania is kind of strange. At first, I felt like nothing had changed, as if I had never been away. Now I think maybe I’ve changed. I want to know more and I put up with less. The country is the same. You can always choose a personal perspective and you will be right. You can see all the beauty around if you are an optimist and all the bad management of this beauty if you are a little more skeptical. I used to say that in my country many things are better than in others. But now I know one thing… the only big thing that can be better is that I’m not a stranger anymore. That’s why we have a word here: it’s better in your small poor house than in a foreigner’s palace. I learned to cherish any place I go to. And stop criticizing everything that is little familiar to me. And now I’ve lost my heart somewhere in between: the comfortable place where my roots are and the magical places my thoughts fly to.

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