Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Born free, taxed for life

Sociologists consider that actually everybody is “culturated”, since we grew up in a culture that makes kind of predictable all our paths in life. What happens when most are more “culturated” than the rest? And I don't mean they know more about classical music, books or art. But that they are more likely to comply with what is expected from them. So either way, being less “culturated” is stigmatizing. They say freedom is a value. But how many actually practice what they preach? The first one who walks away from the line gets slapped. Find something to believe in! That's what commercials tell me and I think it sounds quite appealing. And then I sit by the ocean and think about it. Well, it's not such a big deal. Once you know how to put the questions and stop to listen to what you have to say to yourself, answers pop up. But then you start to wonder. If what you believe in is not what your “culturated” counterparts have in mind, you're doomed. Yes, I love sleep and books, I'm not such a freak if I don't stay up all night or spend my time gossiping. I just think people should practice what they preach, otherwise all the conservative bullshit restrains only the real ones.

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